And that’s not the first time I’ve died in Coventry.

Further to my last blog entry, I’m sure you’ll know the famous Mark Twain quote, after he’d read his own obituary in the New York Times, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

As I pulled that one out of the dusty broom cupboard that I call Memory, I remembered another one (and checked it on Wiki so it must be true)!

Dave Swarbrick, the folk/rock violinist, must have been, well, surprised when the Daily Telegraph reported in 1999 that he’d died in a Midlands hospital. I’ll bet he enjoyed the chance to read his own eulogies and responded with the comment, “That’s not the first time I have died in Coventry”.

How many times has programmed learning/CBT/Multimedia/e-learning/TEL been killed off prematurely?

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